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CSAT Cybersecurity Assessments

Organisations are looking for a way to check their Cybersecurity status quickly and simply. They want insight into their vulnerabilities, based on data from the company infrastructure, Microsoft 365 and Azure. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) from Winstore provides this through automated scans and analyses. This is the basis on which the CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve your security. It’s the perfect way to maximize security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously.

NIS2 – BIO – DORA – ISO 27001 are closely aligned standards. Winstore CSAT utilizes the CIS v8 maturity rating as its benchmark for assessing maturity levels, which it then could map to NIS2, CYRA, and ISO 27001.


Cybersecurity Consultancy

Based on the outcome of the Cybersecurity assessment our cyber advocates & partners wil be able to advise an improvement and resilience plan.  

Three Scenario’s :
A. Holistic Microsoft 365 Security (All E5 SKUs)

  • Azure Migrations
  • Azure Security
  • All Azure Security SKUs
  • Azure Virtual Desktop & W365 PC
B. Agnostic Microsoft 365 Productivity (E3)
  • Third party Cybersecurity Solutions (E1-E7)

C. Managed Microsoft 365 Productivity(E3)

  • Third party Cybersecurity Solutions (E1-E7)
  • Managed SOC MDR Services
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Cyber Rescue Services

Our Crisis Communication Center acts as your Cyber war room, which is a dedicated space or virtual (clean) environment where your cross-functional teams come together in order to respond quickly and effectively to IT incidents and emergencies. It is essential because it allows organizations to minimize downtime, reduce the impact of IT issues, and maintain business continuity.

Our Resilience services guarantees the swift deployment of new logins to all your IT stakeholders. After deployment we ensure access to your most vital business data.  NIS2 regulations require such a mitigation platform, as insurance companies will mandate it to facilitate coverage for any cyber damage costs.

Your security Our concern

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