Improve your cybersecurity posture based on facts!

"The initial phase of a comprehensive security roadmap begins by identifying your vulnerabilities and weak points. CSAT assessments rely on CIS maturity and NIS2 certification standards to evaluate IT-Security measures.."
- Dick Geheniau -

What is CSAT?

(CSAT) is a cloud based software tool developed by seasoned security experts to quickly assess the current status of your IT-security and recommend improvements based on facts.
CSAT collects relevant security data from any hybrid IT environment by scanning e.g. Endpoints, Active Directory, Microsoft 365,Azure Gsuite, AWS. 

How it works

 CSAT is an automated security assessment tool that provides insights into an organization’s security vulnerabilities, based on data from their infrastructure and Office 365 deployment. CSAT logs relevant data by:

  • Scanning all endpoints, network  and hybrid systems in the network

  • Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD

  • Scanning content in  Office 365, SharePoint and Intune

  • Scanning  hyper scallers e.g. Microsoft Cloud & AWS

    CSAT collects relevant information through an automated survey that uses agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan, minimizing the effort required from the internal IT department.


With CSAT, organisations of all sizes build a cybersecurity roadmap based on quickly discovered facts from their IT environment.

  • Offers risk-based action plan for security improvements

  • Helps to build business cases and aligns IT security and

    Business Management

  • Proves that you take security seriously

  • Shows that you work towards compliance

How does it look

Organisations are looking for a way to check their security status quickly and simply. They want insight into their vulnerabilities, based on data from the company infrastructure. CSAT provides this through automated scans and analyses. This is the basis on which CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve your security. It’s the perfect way to maximize security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously.

The Very first step of a robust cybersecurity roadmap

The information gathered by the Center Of Excellence Team, along with the technical facts gathered from the CSAT scan, result in recommendations to get on par with the current recommended practices. The multitude of them can be overwhelming.

CSAT Phase 1

The first phase is focused to lower
the risk against rapid cyberattacks, and to enable so-called ‘low-hanging fruit’ features (features that are relatively easy to implement yet with high impact on preventing security incidents). It also focuses on optimizing your security strategy.

CSAT Phase 2

The second phase focuses on features that further harden your customers’ IT environment as well on implementing (basic) governance and reporting features included with your cloud subscriptions.

CSAT Phase 3

The third phase covers the creation/revision of processes, and implementation of solutions that take a longer preparation time.

Getting Started with CSAT

Learn more about CSAT. Book a meeting with our experts to setup a personal call to introduce you to your personal CyberSecurity Assessment